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Giacimento di PetraliaGiacimento di Petralia Petralia is one of Europe's richest deposits: it is an enormous lens of salt contained in the heart of a mountain rising up to 1,100 metres above sea level. The salt at Petralia has a very special and inimitable quality.
The setting up of the industrial type mining structures started in 1972. More than 70 kilometres of tunnels wind along underground where the entire process is carried out, unique production site in the world, from mining to packaging and storage. A ventilation circuit creates a safe and comfortable environment.
There are two production lines: one for rock salt for industrial use and one for food grade rock salt, which is selected by analyses and protected against any manual contact.
Giacimento di RacalmutoGiacimento di Racalmuto The Racalmuto deposit is located between the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta.
The mine is accessible through tunnels and ramps which may be used by heavy machinery, and it reaches a depth of one hundred metres. This site is used for the production of food grade rock salt, both for direct consumption and for the food and animal feed industries, and industrial rock salt to be used mainly in tanneries and dye-works
Giacimento di RealmonteGiacimento di Realmonte Realmonte lies on the southern coast of Sicily, at about eleven kilometers from Agrigento and five kilometers from Porto Empedocle. The deposit consists of a vast saline lens which runs between Porto Empedocle and Siculiana.
There are estimated to be reserves of 70 million tons of rock salt at Realmonte, with the presence of significant quantities of potassium minerals. It currently produces approximately 1 million tons of salt per year, used mainly for industrial purposes and for de-icing.
UnitÓ di imbarco di Porto EmpedocleUnitÓ di imbarco di Porto Empedocle Next to the Realmonte mine there is the loading unit at Porto Empedocle which, with its wharehouse covering approx. 20,000 m2 and a fully automatic conveyor belts loading system, loads vessels both for the Italian and overseas markets.


Stabilimento di RevereStabilimento di Revere The Revere plants is located in the province of Mantova, on the right bank of the River Po, and it specialises in the production of vacuum salt.
It is already very pure at its origin but contains magnesium and calcium, so the salt undergoes a specific purification and drying treatment; it is then processed and packaged to produce the entire range of both food grade and industrial products. In particular, vacuum salt is excellent for use in dye-works and for food purposes. The product is packed in bags and in big bags. It may also be transported in silo trucks.
The plant produces plastic drums of iodised and non-iodised salt, even wholemeal, as well as plastic drums of high sodium salt and spiced seasonings. Italkali also produces brine at Revere which is suitable for various uses, both in the food and industrial sectors.
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